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Workplace Discipline 3

Video: Workplace Discipline 3
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Studio: British Discipline
The boss returns from a business trip to find his house keeper sitting around reading a magazine instead of cleaning. He's quite ticked off. He humiliates her and demands she takes her trousers off. He bends her OTK and spanks her till her bottom is nice a red. He soon discovers that she has lied and has two parties while he was away. She gets completely naked and he uses a strap to spank her over his knee. A young woman comes to meet a woman for an advertising position; she's told she would get paid more by taking a spanking position. She's willing to try. While she's being spanked by the female employee, the male boss enters and he's quite upset. He advises he the boss and if she wants a job she must adhere to him and only him. The employee must also be punished. A female employee is called to come to work early and speak to the boss in reference to cash missing, the books are off. She admits spending the money on bills. Instead of calling the police on his cleaning lady for stealing money, he takes matters into his own hands. Besides her bottom getting spanked and caned her hands get hit too.

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