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Wife Spanks Girlfriend

Video: Wife Spanks Girlfriend
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
This is one of the sexiest spanking videos ever made!

It has female-female spanking, male-female spanking, crying, lesbianism, finger-fucking, blowjobs, female orgasms, cum shots, spread-open asshole and wet pussy close-ups, and lots of good old-fashioned fucking!

This woman loves to get spanked while she gets fucked, and she likes to get spanked while she sucks her husband's thick cock!

You'll see erotic spankings and punishment spankings, when this guy's sexy girlfriend gets caught by his wife sucking his cock! After giving her a good sound over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking, the wife forces the girlfriend to spread her own ass cheeks apart while she puts the hairbrush handle into her pussy! And, what a super close-up of her asshole!

There's so much in this video, it's more than an hour long!

This is a good one, folks! There's something for everybody!

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