Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Who’s Afraid of the Spanking Neighbours?

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Katrina Rosebud, Rubee Tuesday as Rita, Butch Simms and Ralph Marvell

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Katrina is in a lousy mood and takes it out on her doting husband Ralph.

They have just said goodbye to their new neighbors from the flat next door. Now Katrina and Ralph are alone, she accuses him of eyeing up Rita. Despite Ralph denying the accusation, she still insists that he doesn’t love her anymore.

As he can’t make her see sense, he drags a dining room chair into the middle of the room – sits down on it and hauls her over his knee. She is very indignant at being treated like a naughty child and protests loudly. But Ralph knows from past experience – when she won’t listen to sweet reason – the only thing left to do, is to spank her.

The spanking starts

He starts off by spanking her over her short black lacy dress. It isn’t long before he pulls up her skirt to reveal a beautiful shapely bottom that is already showing signs of becoming a very sore beautiful shapely bottom.

As the spanking progresses, he pulls down her flimsy black knickers – her poor bare bottom is now a deep cherry red. By this time she’s calmer and apologizing to him, however he isn’t finished spanking her yet – not by a long chalk.

His spanking hand is sore, so he starts using various spanking implements; from the birch to the paddle and onto the tawse. If her bottom was sore before, it was surely more sore after.

The spanking continues

A little later, a much more reasonable and sweeter Katrina – Ralph starts doing other things to her bottom and sopping wet pussy, other than spanking it.

The Movie Part Two

Rita and Butch – the new neighbors from next door are back in their flat.

Rita and Butch find a common interest in spanking

While Butch is not in the room, Rita can hear some intriguing sounds coming through the thin walls. Butch coming back into the room finds her with her ear pressed against the wall.

He’s used to it. He tells her that Ralph has to spank his wife often to keep her in order.

One thing leads to another and unbeknownst to Butch – Rita is into spanking too. He’s found a kindred spirit.

The sound of spanking rings out

Soon the sound of bare hand spanking raw bottom, echoes round the flat.

Both are turned on big time and the spanking turns to finger fucking and cock sucking.

Their imaginations take off as they think of the fun they are going to have when their next spanking get together happens with Ralph and Katrina.

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