Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


When Spanking Was in Fashion

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Keith Jones and Vivian Sweet

Approximate Running Time: 58.04 minutes

It was Valentine’s Day and Keith had given his beautiful wife Vivian a pink heart shaped box of chocolates.

She was just about to leave to go to work, but he reminded her that she must get home that evening – by 5.30 pm or 5.45 pm at the latest, as he had booked a table for a romantic dinner at the town’s poshest restaurant. To make sure he’d be able to make the booking – he had booked it three months earlier.

As she was a few minutes early for work, he thought it would be a good idea to send her to work with a tingling bottom. So, he pulled her giggling and protesting over his knee.

Then satisfied he’d accomplished what he’d set out to do, he helped her to her feet and with a kiss he sends her on her way – but he gave her a last minute reminder about getting home on time.

That evening Keith was dressed ready for his romantic dinner with his gorgeous wife. He looked at his watch – it showed it was 5.30 pm. The minutes ticked by – and it was 6 o’clock and still no sign of his missing wife. His frantic calls to her went unanswered.

It was just on 7.00 pm when Vivian arrived home – carrying some packages. Her explanation for being late was she forgot the time as she was so engrossed in buying some fantastic play clothes for the pleasure of her wonderful husband.

As he had already cancelled the restaurant booking – what was he going to do for the rest of the evening?

First outfit - first spanking

He was curious – what had she bought? At his suggestion, she took the first of the outfits through to the bedroom so she could put it on.

He was indeed really impressed with it – but he thought there was something missing. The short white dress was so short it barely covered her bottom – Keith believed a red bottom would finish off the outfit beautifully.

The spankings continue

His excuse for giving her spanking number one was to show his annoyance for her being late home. It didn’t take long for him to change her creamy white cheeks to a deep rosy red – that contrasted with her white dress.

Then he sent her to put on outfit number two. It looked much more expensive than the first one – so he asked her how much had it cost. She was reluctant to say, but gave him a rough figure. Now he had another reason to spank her – she knew their credit cards were maxed out from the previous month. So she took a wild guess that outfit number two cost $50. Therefore, Keith reasoned that 50 spanks be given to her, with the hairbrush. Now he especially chose the hairbrush because he knew she didn’t like it.

She has a very sore bottom

He spanked her hard and fast and insisted that she keep count, threatening to start from the beginning if she miscounted.

Each outfit she tried on was more daring and teasing than the one before and was also obviously more expensive.

So her spankings became harder and longer, with him using different implements.

As the grand finale, he used the cane.

the final spanking

Justice having been dealt, he picked her up in his arms and carried her through into the bedroom.

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