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What Men Think

What Men Think

Studio: Cinema Erotique

Starring: Kayla Louise, Paul Duzy and John Bound

Approximate Running Time: 20.43 minutes

Research has proven that the average man thinks about sex every few minutes.

In this movie – this is demonstrated by a guy who is travelling on a bus. His eyes are closed and a smile turns up the corners of his mouth. Where is his mind? What is he thinking of at that particular moment?

In a World of his Own

In his mind’s eye the scene is playing out behind his closed eyelids. Beautiful Kayla is undressing. As she does so, her hands wander over her own body – elongating her large nipples by rubbing them between her thumb and forefinger.

Her hands wander over her own body

Lying down on the bed, her long legs are parted, while her finger finds its way into her steaming hot slit and her swollen throbbing clit is fully out of its protective hood. As she approaches an orgasm her lips open and her tongue darts across them while her breath comes in short gasps.

Imagining himself undressing her

Meanwhile, the guy on the bus wakes up – then feeling stupid he jumps off the bus, as he has gone way past his stop.

He can see himself spanking her

The stupid man is so busy playing out these scenes in his own mind that he walks into things, holds up the traffic when the lights change to green and finally wires up a plug and electrocutes himself.

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