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Whacked At Work

Video: Whacked At Work
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Studio: Moonglow
Mr.Harper is a small businessman who has just taken on two school leavers as trainee secretaries. Unfortunately they have no sense of office or self discipline. Utterly exasperated, he turns to his friend Bob for advice. He carries out his advice to spank them. It is a waste of time, so he visits Bob who loans him some “tools of the trade". Next day the two girls are given a dose of the strap; that soon makes their bottoms hum. The girls are outraged and plan their revenge by putting salt in his coffee without thinking about the consequences. They are ordered to attend Mr Harper’s office at the end of work when they are given a severe caning. Mr. Harper orders them to clear the office and lock up. He makes his exit. Witness how detrimental role reversal will be. Find out what happens next by buying this fully 60 minute video and you won’t be disappointed!

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