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Warm Buns

Video: Warm Buns
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Studio: Sly Productions
This vintage footage of hardcore spanking proves that ass beatings are nothing new - these punks and sluts and ho's get what's coming to them! They are ripe, plump, young, delicious, sweet and tender. The plums of high arched beautiful derriers are bent and get lashed until they are as crimson as a California sunset. This is a pink-cheeked film of endless delights!

Stars: Keanna, Rebecca, Amber, Alicia Rio, Scarlett, Stacey, Bunny Bleu, Champagne, Barbi, Jonathan, Stacy, Gina, Leslie, Misty Raines, Satina, Teddy, Desi DeAngelo, Rebel Dean, Ariel Knight, Ronnie Dickson, Melonie Moore, Chessy Moore, Jamine, Heather Mist, Trinity Lorens, Sandy Dunes, Ginny Panama

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