Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



Studio: RGE – Films

Stars: Titi and Zbysek Podhajsky

Approximate Running Time: 18.30 minutes

A young girl dreams of being spanked.

Dressed in a blue Alice in Wonderland type of dress, she fantasises how the spanking would happen. Taking a wooden paddle out of the cupboard, she fondles it and lays it down carefully.

When her thoughts are interrupted by the appearance of her uncle; as she has been imagining what is about to happen she is already prepared for what happens next.

The Spanking begins

Although the dialogue is in Russian, a spanking is a spanking no matter what the language is.

Her bottom is bared

Her uncle orders her to bend down, holding on to the seat of a stool. Her skirt is flipped up to reveal a pair of white lacy knickers, covering a smooth girlish bottom.

Then it happens. She loses control and wets herself. Her uncle is disgusted and tells her to take her panties off and give them to him. He hangs them on a coat rack.

Hands on Head

Picking up the waiting paddle, he proceeds to spank her with it. It doesn’t take long to turn her virginal white bottom into a blazing red one.

The humiliation

Personally, I would have preferred it to be an OTK spanking, but that might have interfered with the swing of the paddle.

However, I hope you enjoy this movie.

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