Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Trish’s Probation Officer Returns

Studio: Fetish Empire

Approximate Running Time: 10.00 minutes

 Trish was in trouble again. Her Probation Officer had summonsed her to attend her office for a discussion about her future.

Sitting in a chair facing the Probation Officer, she was constantly chewing gum and cursing and swearing. When it was pointed out to her that chewing gum was the height of bad manners, she just came out with a mouthful of bad language.

Was her Probation Officer going to let her get away with it? No way. It was her duty to make this rude gum chewing little minx into a sweet obedient little lady.

In order to achieve this, she pulled the struggling girl over her knee and started to hand spank her on top of her knickered bottom. When this had no effect and filthy language still kept pouring from the girl’s mouth, she moved on to using implements.

Receiving the spanking she deserves

None of these implements made any difference to the girl having her bare bottom spanked – that is until a thick leather paddle was applied. The slightly reddened bottom was then turned into a blazing inferno.

With a very sore bottom, she was a reformed character. Or so she led the Probation Officer to believe.

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