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Trashed & Thrashed

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Studio: California Star Productions
Trashed and Thrashed:

Our English landlady decides to pay a visit on two of her most incorrigible tenants. Entering inside the apartment she finds it a mess, literally trashed. Furious, she demands her monthly rental payment and finds that the two girls are given a choice. Either return home with her or receive corporal punishment and lessons on how to maintain a home or get put in the street. They agree to take the thrashing and it begins with a sound spanking on bare bottoms. She then proceeds with both the use of a paddle and finally the cane. When asked to take cleaning rags and begin a thorough cleanup they look at her in amazement and exclaim 'What are we supposed to do with these?' It seems that additional punishment will be needed to get these two girls to understand the true meaning of responsibility.

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