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Traditional College Punishment Classic Series 12

Video: Traditional College Punishment Classic Series 12
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Studio: California Star Productions
For many generations attendance at Winthrop College has been a family tradition. When two obstinate co-eds refuse to adhere to the rules, their rebellion is dealt with in the traditional manner. It begins with a good old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking. That's just the warm up. Next, their bare posteriors are paddled to a proper pink by a leather tawse. The sobbing girls demonstrate their penitence by performing rigorous calisthenics in the nude. Alas, their repentance was no more than a show. Their mischievous natures soon bring them back to the dean's office for more punishment. This time the cane awaits!

Beautiful but naughty lasses bare their tender bottoms to the cruel touch of the discipline's hand, the paddle, and the cane. Rosy red cheeks and teary eyes bear testimony to the profound effect of painful discipline administered in the best English tradition.

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