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Video: Time
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Studio: RGE-Films
We all definitely notice the time passing by and the eras changing constantly – like if what was normal yesterday, is inconceivable today – and who knows what will happen tomorrow…

Let’s go together back in time to watch a story of a young student, a rigid headmaster and an indifferent janitor. Let’s watch how this one same offence would be solved in different eras…

What will happen to a schoolgirl who was skipping classes when her offence is being solved by a strict, uncompromising headmaster in a school at the beginning of the 19th century? How this offence would be solved in a totalitarian communist school in the 1970s? And how would this story look like today?

Let’s have a look at this poor obedient girl in a school uniform, biting her lower lip, observing with fear the raging headmaster… then she kneels down and starts begging, when she hears the most feared word: the cane!

Crying and begging for mercy, she is told to bring the hated instrument to the headmaster and after that she has to bend over the headmaster’s table and all red by shame she has to put down her panties and show him her bottom, realizing what elseshe is exposing to him….

And then….The caning… The terrible screaming, cries and counting of the strokes… And thanking nicely after each stroke. And after the punishment she has to get up and kiss the hand that was punishing her…

Yes, this is how it could be in those times. But what would happen some 50 years later? What punishment would headmaster choose for such offence? Probably he would enjoy her fear and shame, aware of his absolute power, maybe he’d touch her tiny breasts, his lecherous hand gets into her regulation panties… where no one has been before… but her fear prevents her from any defiance… she knows he has the power… and she really wants to study… she knows she has to…

Swallowing tears she falls on her knees, her shaking hands unzip the ruddy old man’s trousers, one last sob and a glance into his eyes – and then she is convinced into giving him a blowjob… yes, this sweet feeling of power… the feeling, when he coerces her to bend over the table not to cane her, but to fuck her… Screams, pain, disgust and humiliation… the poor girl’s crying and shaking under his thrusts…

And how would the story develop today? How would the headmaster punish her – in today’s politically correct times? Well, could he even dare to punish her? If you want to know how this story ends, watch our new movie called ‘The Time’

‘The Time’ is a connection between our old classical movies we used to shoot 12 years ago under Rigid East brand, such as Rural Schoolmaster or Semi-transparent mirror with the new erotic series Lupus Dreams from the last few years.

We believe that you will like this connection as much as we like it.

Stars: Jaroslav Vyborny, Ruzena Kockova (Female), Zbysek Podhajsky

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