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Three’s Company

Video: Three's Company
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Three roommates, 2 girls and a guy, are sharing an apartment happily until one morning the girls find out that their roommate has placed hidden cameras in their bedroom.

They also find photographs in his dresser of themselves in compromising positions. After they contront him about how he has deceived them and express their lack of trust in him, they decide to teach him a good lesson in respecting their privacy.

First they both give him a good sound over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking. He is then strapped, smothers and made to worship Lisa’s dirty, smelly ass until she is satisfied. When he does not satisfy her, he is intermittently strapped and fucked up his ass roughly with a clear glass cigar holder. The crack of his ass is also beaten with a thin wooden stick. Still not satisfied that he has learned his less, he is paddled with a large round wooden paddle. This tape contains hard spanking, strapping, and paddling, ass worship, smothering and anal.

Stars: Lisa, Kelly Payne

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