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Thou Shalt Not Forgive

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Two choirgirls, Mary and Teressa, are summoned by the Vicar's wife for a good telling off and some old-fashioned discipline. The girls have obviously been out night clubbing despite repeated appeals from the Vicar not to do so. Their heavy drinking sessions have caused their voices to go out of tune, and this ruins the good work of the other singers.

A hard hand-spanking followed with a firm paddling with the standard church issue hard leather tawse seems more than ample deterrent to the girls while they nurse their sore bottoms. But the Vicar's wife is an extremely stern woman and was brought up in a house where the cane is the ultimate deterrent. Knowing that both girls are desperate to perform in the church choir for Teressa's sister's wedding just next week, she orders the crying girls to bend over and take the cane.

Being the ring-leader, must take more than 30 hard strokes which leaves her bottom in such a state that she will have to stand up for at least a week!

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