Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


The Vacation

Studio: Spanking Epics

Starring: Isabella Soprano, Lamier Deloss, Shaun Reynolds and Eli Tomas

Approximate Running Time: 01 hour 15 minutes

Terry is excitedly telling his young wife Amy about a house that has been left to Mike and Stephanie – their next-door neighbours. He goes on to tell her that Mike has invited them to spend their vacation helping him to restore the house, as it is very neglected.

Amy is worried. She confides in her husband why she’s not happy with the idea.

Laughingly, he tells her that if she behaves herself, their neighbours need never know about their secret spanking sessions.

He soon finds reason to spank her

They arrive at the ramshackle house – way out in the countryside, miles from anywhere.

Her bare bottom is exposed

After listening to the news on their transistor radio, the two girls are warned by their husbands not to wander off, as there is a rapist on the loose.

Stephanie has her bottom reddened

However, Stephanie encourages Amy to go for a walk – as the two girls are bored out of their minds. So, they set off.

Unfortunately, they are soon hopelessly lost. Dragging their by now aching and blistered feet, with no shelter from the sun, no food or water and even they realise the possible danger they are in.

one sore bottom coming up

Meanwhile, their husbands are worried sick and after some discussion they notify the police about their missing wives.

Many hours later, the police find the two girls and return them to their husbands.
Both Mike and Terry are livid with the two girls and are determined that they are going to give them very sore bottoms.

spankings all round

Amy is surprised to find that Stephanie is also spanked regularly by her husband Mike.

Spankings in the open air

They are spanked, whipped and caned. Their smooth creamy white bottoms are soon a deep cherry red, with red and blue welts criss crossing their cheeks.

the spankings are meant to hurt

The men show them no mercy. The punishment continues until the guys are too exhausted to swing their right arms any more.

The cane is very whippy

Will the girls behave in future?

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