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The Training Of O

Video: The Training Of O
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Studio: California Star Productions
"O" is late, tired and in trouble. She has stayed out too late and she's sure her boyfriend will protest. She can see that he is upset when she enters the room and pleads that she only wants to go to bed. Angry, he says that she will be spending some time with him and places her across his knee. What follows is a swift hand spanking across her upturned bottom. Still dressed in her party clothes, her nylons and cowboy boots are soon pulled off to expose soft, pale skin. A plethora of implements are pulled out, including a plastic paddle, a leather belt and a wooden rug beater. She is tied, teased and caned. "You'll think twice about your arrival time," Sir Nik says. He is sure that "O" will be properly trained in the finer points of corporal punishment.

Stars: Sir Nik, O

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