Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


The Training of Bonnie Day 1

Starring: Michael Khan and Bonnie Day

Approximate Running Time: 28.03 minutes

Bonnie feels that her ego is getting too big – so she approaches Michael Kahn with a view to him bringing her down a peg or two.

 First a little chat

She agrees to let him spank her – but when he suggests the cane, she initially says no, she doesn’t think she’s quite ready for that.

So he pulls her over his knee and starts by giving her a warm up hand spanking.

Her bottom is getting sore

His slow spanks on first one cheek then the other, lulls her into a sense of false security. She gives an occasional moan or yelp – that is until he delivers an unexpectedly hard spank that sends a wave of stinging pain through the nerves in her bottom. This time she screams and screws up her face.

Meanwhile, her bottom is getting redder each time his hand makes contact with her quivering cheeks.

Her bottom is well up for the cane

To further humiliate her, he insists on her saying thank you Sir after each spank.  Occasionally she forgets her manners and receives a sharp reminder.

When his right hand is getting sore he introduces her to various implements, that continue making her bottom sorer and redder.

Eventually she agrees to him using the cane on her already sore red backside.

The tears are flowing freely

At the end of this spanking session, Bonnie is a sweet considerate but tearful girl with a sting in her tail.

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