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The Submission & Discipline Of Brooke Bound

Video: The Submission & Discipline Of Brooke Bound
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Brooke Bound has become a bondage model superstar. Here now is the first ever bondage video of her career. Brooke wrote a letter to Master Rick Savage, explaining that she had explored submission and bondage play in her private life and would now like to have the experience of appearing in a professional bondage video. As the adult video convention was happening soon in Atlantic City, and Brooke lived nearby, Rick made arrangements for Brooke to meet him at the convention. As the video begins, we find Brooke and Rick, alone in Rick's hotel suite on the 32nd floor, overlooking AC. Rick informs Brooke that nothing short of her total submission will be acceptable if she wants to work in one of his bondage videos. She promises to be obedient, so Rick commands his new submissive to strip. She obeys. Once her skirt hits the floor, Rick instructs the young lovely lady to show her ass to the camera. And wow, what a sweet looking ass. When the bra comes off, we see a wonderful pair of full, natural tits. Finally, naked except for her socks, Brooke is instructed to slowly turn and show her body to the camera. She obeys. Rick's camera zooms in for a close look at Brooke's totally shaved pussy. Our pretty subbie is now told to kneel. She is blindfolded. Kneeling, naked and blindfolded, she is instructed to open her mouth. Rick now holds his camera in his left hand and uses his right to gently caress Brooks' luscious tits. Brooke looks SO hot, blindfolded, with her mouth open. Rick inserts a finger into her mouth and instructs her to gently close her mouth on the finger. Brooke obeys as though her mouth is lovingly closing on a cock.

Rick has Brooke stand. He now uses rope bondage to tie her wrists together, and pull her elbows close together. The elbow rope causes Brooke's gorgeous tits to jut forward. Rick sits Brooke in a chair and tells her to spread her legs. He places a spreader bar between her ankles affording us a nice view of Brooke's shaved little pussy. Naked, blindfolded, her hands bound behind her back, her legs held wide open with a spreader bar, Brooke is now instructed to share with the audience one of her fantasies. She tells us of a recurring fantasy in which she is blindfolded, naked and bound to a bathroom sink. She's left alone in this position for a long time, not knowing when her tormenters will return. Finally, they return and fuck her while she's still in bondage. Rick now approaches with his small rubber flogger. He gently caresses her inner thighs, her shaved pussy. The strands of rubber are meaner than leather when they collide with flesh, and they're cold. Brooke's pussy torture begins when Rick suddenly smacks Brooke's naked and vulnerable pussy with the flogger. Her entire body flinches. Brooke's pussy is now alternately teased and repeatedly smacked with the wicked strands of rubber. Sometimes the pussy torture comes in the form of rhythmic pussy flogging, sometimes sudden and very harsh blows.

Rick now stands behind Brooke. As fans of Master Savage know well, his favorite form of tit torture is bare handed tit torture. Rick sinks his strong hands deep into Brooke's soft natural boobs. Her mouth falls open. She gasps. Rick stands in front of her and again sinks both hands deeply into Brooke's tit flesh. He rhythmically pulls on both boobs calling them excellent "fuck handles." After lots of beautiful breast squeezing, suddenly Rick slaps a breast very hard. Brooke seems shocked. Then...another tit slap. We now see lots of harsh tit spanking blended into Brooke's tit torture. We witness a long, beautiful session of tit torture with Rick's meaty hands digging brutally into Brooke's natural boobs and spanking them harshly. Suddenly...more pussy torture as Rick suddenly smacks Brooke in the pussy. We now see LOTS of excruciating pussy torture alternating with even more barehanded tit torture. Brooke's body is rockin' and spasming from the harsh pussy punishment. At one point Rick notices that Brooke's "excitement" is dripping on his hand. Again he tells her to open her mouth, so she can taste her pussy juices on his fingers.

Seems like Rick's suite has a little kitchenette, and the sink is full of dishes. Well....what's a slave for, any way. Rick puts a ball gag in her mouth and has the still naked lady do his dishes. Upon inspection, Rick feels as though Brooke is not doing a good job, SO he paddles her with a wooden spoon while she continues to wash the dishes. And, her wooden spoon paddling continues even after she finishes the dishes.

Rick decides to turn Brooke's beautiful ass into a piece of bondage sculpture before he continues the spanking and paddling. Lots of white rope is bound around the tops of her thighs just below her buns. More rope is used to tie her wrists to her thigh ropes. Rope is tied around her waist and a crotch rope passes between her ass cheeks and between her pussy lips. Brooke's stunning bum already bares some bruises from the paddling she received with the wooden spoon. Rick chooses his favorite Japanese wooden paddle to use on his young slave's incredible ass. We now see a lengthy harsh, yet highly erotic ass paddling. Gradually Brooke's ass turns to nice colorful shades of orange, purple and pink. Then...Rick decides to use the wooden spoon on her battered butt. Rick turns her pussy towards the camera so we can see the beautiful site of the rope cutting deeply into her wet slit. With each hard blow to her ass, Brooke's body contracts, causing the rope to bite and stimulate her clit. After lots more beautiful ass paddling and bare handed spanking, Rick moves Brooke to the bed to make an adjustment to her rope bondage. He places her on her back so that nipple torture can be delivered in the form of sturdy clothespins attached to her small hard nipples. THEN, mega pussy torture as Rick attaches more sturdy clothespins to her inner labia. Rick notes that plenty of slaves can take clothespins on their outer pussy lips, but few can endure the pain of having clothespins attached to her inner lips. The site is beautiful.

For Brooke's final demise, the now completely nude lady is led onto the balcony in the very chilly Autumn air and she is made to lie naked, on her back on the cold concrete floor of the balcony. Her wrists are tied to the railing. Our young slave is shivering, her teeth chattering and her tits are covered in goose bumps. The true sadists amongst us will find Brooke's shivering nakedness to be very exciting. Her body is curled up and looks quite sexy but Rick decides to re-position her. Once again the spreader bar is affixed to her ankles, and her legs are held wide open. This, along with her hands being attched to the bottom of the railing effectively creates a spread-eagled position on the cold hard cement. Rick's camera zooms in close on her shaved pussy to reveal an utterly amazing site. Her shaved twat is beautifully coated in goose bumps. Never in my entire life have I seen a bald pussy covered in goose bumps. This shot is just incredibly erotic. Before Rick fades his camera, leaving his new submissive, shivering in this insanely uncomfortable position, he affixes sturdy, wicked, metal hair clips to her bare pussy lips. This is truly one of the most amazing movies by the legendary Master Savage that I have ever witnessed. And the barehanded tit torture....will simply amaze you.

Stars: Master Rick Savage, Brooke Bound

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