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The Sports Mistress

Video: The Sports Mistress
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Studio: Moonglow
Mary is the captain of her College cycling team. Flushed with victory, Mary and another girl stop at the local watering hole to celebrate on the way back to college. A little later she is breathalysed! The video starts the next morning when Mary receives six of the best from Miss Grant, the Sports mistress. Afterwards, Mary and Miss Grant start talking about their CP experiences. We see, in flashbacks, Mary being caned and Miss Grant being spanked (in a highly erotic scene) and caned by her boy-friend. Finally, Sir Jasper, the head of the College Governors, arrives. He is appalled at what he considers is the modest punishment of Mary. He applies a further six of the best to her trim bottom before sending her out. Then, after a dressing down, he applies the cane to Miss Grant's superb bottom, to express his displeasure at her lax approach to discipline.

Stars: Mary

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