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The Spanking Session

Video: The Spanking Session
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
A real hard BARE-BOTTOM SPANKING!! This real-life couple likes to role-play. They have regular spanking sessions! She's a "naughty schoolgirl" and he's her "daddy." They taped a SPANKING SESSION and gave the tape to us!!

It starts out as a very serious DISCIPLINE SPANKING. He scolds her for misbehaving in school, after her teacher called. He turns her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom HARD, using his hand, hairbrush, and a HUGE PADDLE!! After thousands of HARD swats, her BRIGHT RED butt gets BADLY BRUISED!!! It really STINGS!!! When he finally decides she's been disciplined enough, the SPANKING continues, but it's now an EROTIC SPANKING!!!

If you like to see SEX mixed in with SPANKING, this is the video for you! He spreads her cheeks and inserts his fingers and the hairbrush! Watch all the other things he does! He finally shoots his load on her! You've got to see this video!!

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