Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


The Spanking Session

Studio: Real Spanking Video

Approximate Running Time: 34.58 minutes

This video was made by a real life married couple, who both enjoy role-playing. She is the naughty schoolgirl and he is the strict father.

Not for the first time, her father has a call from the school to say his daughter has been disruptive in class once again.

So, she is now due for yet another spanking – the fifth that week.

His naughty daughter has to be spanked

Putting her over his knee, he starts off by giving her a warm up spanking with his hand, on top of her skirt. As the spanking progresses, he pulls down her knickers and continues spanking her on her bare bottom.

The spanking progresses

He tells her that each time he has to spank her, it’s going to be harder than the one before.

As her bottom gets sorer so does his hand – and he moves onto using the hairbrush, then the large wooden paddle.

From spanking to sex

Eventually, they are both turned on. So much so, that he strips off himself and enters her from behind.

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