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The Spanking Bench

Video: The Spanking Bench
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Well you guess it, Cecil B had his good friend Dan make one of the first spanking benches that will fit every one no matter what your size is and the best part is will fit in the trunk of most cars.

Wow! Now you can really take your favorite toy with you when you go to your next spanking party.

Well now for the movie.

We begin with Cecil B. introducing his friend Dan as the spanking bench master builder before moving on to a demonstration on the use of the bench with Ceil B's an his favorite model Kordelia D.

Oh I'm sorry I was watching the movie so as to write this. I feel you must really watch this yourself for you to really get the feeling I did. I just want to remind you that this movie doesn't stop there with the Introduction of Dan the builder, it moves on with Ceil B. and Kordelia Devonshire show you the use of the bench and more & more & more. I really believe this is a must see film and along with a toy that should be in every home.

Stars: Kordelia Devonshire, Cecil B.

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