Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


The Smoking Nun

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Cecil B and Leahnim Lavada

Approximate Running Time: 30.59 minutes

Father Cecil found Sister Lavada lounging on a couch, reading a magazine and smoking.

A habit not becoming to a nun – so he decides it’s time to punish her for her sins and his choice of punishment is corporal punishment.

A Bad Habit Must be Cured

He puts her over his knee and hand spanks her – she is still fully clothed. She lies over his knee, not moving or making a sound.

she is wearing no knickers

It is when he raises her habit and reveals a bare bottom, albeit a very red sore bottom due to the spanking she is being subjected to, he adds wearing no knickers to her list of sins.

The paddle makes her cry out

When he goes on to using various implements, she shows signs of distress and starts wriggling and gyrating her bottom, while at the same time she squeals and cries out. But ignoring her obvious suffering, Father Cecil relentlessly carries on spanking her. However, as the camera pans in on her face – is that a smile turning up the corners of her mouth?

her face tells it all

By the time the punishment is over, he has used a paddle, tawse, crop, flogger and cane on her.

The pleasure and the pain

She is sent back to her room to pray for the salvation of her soul and Father Cecil says he hopes he doesn’t have to repeat the punishment again in the future.

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