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The Miscreant / The Major’s Crop

Video: The Miscreant / The Major's Crop
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Studio: California Star Productions
The Major is irate! His niece and her girl friend have been abusing his prize horse. This situation calls for the firm hand of a stern disciplinarian. And the Major is well equipped for the task. Punishment begins with a bare bottom spanking right there on the bridle path. But the action really picks up back at the estate. There, in his study, his niece's tender young bottom is thoroughly blistered by the very riding crop with which she had abused the horse. For the next several weeks, riding bareback will be out of the question!

Penny Wise is a lovely black girl who happens to be a compulsive thief. One of her shoplifting sprees nets her an expensive watch from a prominent London jeweler. This little escapade can cost her dearly. As an alternative to a jail sentence, Penny accepts a more unorthodox punishment... a corrective therapy session right there in the store detective's private office. The lady detective relishes this opportunity to mete out punishment on this impudent young thing. She begins with a spanking, followed by the tawse, the whip, and the riding crop. By now Penny's tender black bottom is totally bare and throbbing. She is very penitent indeed. But the punishment has just begun.

Stars: Kathryn Neilson, Eileen Doucette

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