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The Legend Of Lenny The Trough

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The motif of corporal punishment can be found in various myths, fables and tales of many nations in different times and different settings. It's a mysterious and powerful theme, attracting all audiences - no matter how unfamiliar they may be. Gaping, they listen to the stories about the beating of naughty daughters, their tearful faces and naked bruised bottoms...

The old stories of Prague are no different. Alongside many enduring tales is the legend of Bad Lojza. And because this story seemed so attractive to us, it served as the basis for our new movie.

Lupus Pictures will take you to the end of the 19th century. At that time many interesting characters lived in Prague and their knowledge was deeply influenced by the drill of the Austrian monarchy. Nowadays it forms an extraordinary view of corporal punishment as an everyday part of bringing up youngsters.

Let's start with the narrator's words:

"Once upon a time, in the Old Town of Prague, there lived a man known as Bad Lojza. Bad Lojza, or rather Alois Slim (which was his real name), was a veteran of the Austrian imperial army, who - as a merit for his war deeds - was given the privilege of running a newsstand on the corner of Rybna and Masna Streets. He was a hard-working, strict man, behaving like an old soldier. He became a widower and had to bring up his daughter Mary on his own..."

This is the beginning of our story. Mister Slim punishes his daughter very thoroughly one day. And when the mother of two naughty girls comes along, she realises that such a heavy hand is missing in her own household. She pays him good money and we can watch him spanking one of the girls on her bare bottom in a way she has never dreamt of. Mister Alois doesn't consider any innovation bad, and because his hand is sore after the harsh spanking, he asks for an implement. The other daughter gets a beating with a wooden spoon - and we should add that even you haven't seen such a thrashing. He beats her so soundly, paying no attention to her crying and moaning, that the wooden spoon actually gets broken.

After this experience he starts working as a professional naughty-girl punisher. Another girl is whipped with a belt. Her naked body trembles as she endures the beating, and when it is finished the satisfied mother (noble lady) can take her tamed daughter home.

Does anything stand in the way of his virtuous business? See the new movie "The Legend of Lenny The Tough" by Lupus Pictures and you'll find out.

Stars: Jan Zlatousty, Alexandra Wolf, Lars Moebius, Helena Kubecova, Renata Sukova, Karel Stibrany, Tomas Gumsa, Vendula Steinova, Karolina Krasna, Nora Potemnikova, Marie Dvorakova

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