Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


The Krissy Stories

Eleanor Powell

Studio: C
Starring: Krissy and Chelsea Pfeiffer
Approximate Running Time: 25.27 minutes

Chelsea has invited Krissy round for a chat. She felt it was the friendly thing to do – to welcome her to the neighbourhood.

Krissy doesn't expect a thing

However, poor Krissy had no idea of what was about to happen to her. Firstly, Chelsea explained to her that her mode of dress was upsetting all the other women in the area. With her low cut tops and tight skirts, the other ladies felt threatened as they saw their menfolk going google eyed whenever she was in the vicinity.

Is she learning anything?

So Chelsea on behalf of the other women took it on herself to do something about it.

A good spanking for a naughty girl

Which is why Krissy finds herself lying over Chelsea’s knee – for a hand spanking.

As her bottom became redder and sorer, she protested but was helpless to escape.

Once the hand spanking was over and she was allowed to get up – she mistakenly thought it was all over, but her tormentor had other ideas. Once again her bare bottom is made even more sore by a wooden paddle being used.

Finally, the wooden paddle is replaced by Chelsea’s belt.

It’s a very sorry Krissy who promises to dress less provocatively in future.

This is not the end of the video.

The cane makes an impression

Krissy hires a Personal Chef to cook her meals for her. Chelsea the Personal Chef is attempting to come to some agreement with her employer – who is such a faddy eater, she is not satisfied with anything that is suggested to her.

Chelsea loses patience with her and puts roast bottom on the menu.

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