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The January Seraph Stories

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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
In Life Coach January just can't seem to follow the advice of her "Life Coach," Chelsea. So, as any responsible life coach would, Chelsea administers a strict hand spanking to motivate her client.

Payback's A Bitch for January! Chelsea's secretary has a bad habit of robbing the petty cash to feed her shopping addiction. As good a secretary as January is, Chelsea decides it's time this problem was addressed and Chelsea knows just what to do about it.

In Irresistible Mounds, enthusiastic home cook, Chelsea, is worried that her roommate keeps working late and missing dinner. She carefully packs up the leftovers from the night before to give to January to take to work for a healthy lunch. January isn't as enthusiastic as Chelsea about those home cooked meals, though.

Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer, January Seraph

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