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The Curse Of Sir Frederick

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Studio: RGE-Films
Two men’s lives are tied together by a strange curse – although neither was prepared for it. And because this movie is made by Lupus Pictures, there can be no doubt it’s a proper spanking movie. The lecher Sir Frederick loves whipping naked maids on the bottom with a cane. The officer Vilejš is a prosperous man of a ripe age, living a common and boring life (so many people would think). He enjoys spanking his maid’s bottom as well. What could whisper to a naughty lady in a particular moment that the best and most useful thing to do was to hike up her skirt and pull down her panties, only to have her bottom thoroughly spanked? Strange questions with even more surprising answers.

Stars: Alexandra Wolf, Lars Moebius, Helena Kubecova, Alena Podhajska, Katerina Zizkova, Nora Potemnikova, David Vlcek, Vaclav Josef Rejnek, Kristyna Lukasova

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