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The Cruel Contest

Video: The Cruel Contest
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Studio: Syren Productions
Mistress Pandora has two slaves in her dungeon for some strict punishment. She starts off putting them in rope bondage and tweaking their nipples on her huge bondage bed. Then both slaves are secured to her infamous whipping post where Mistress Pandora saran wraps both of her slaves before giving them both a good beating with her heavy duty police belt style strap, she also gives some flogging on their backs. Then Mistress Pandora decides to stage a little contest for her amusement. She brings out the cane and takes turns beating the two slaves, the first slave who can't take any more has to kneel and is the loser. The winner gets to worship her boots and gets an even harder strapping. Lots of great camera angles in this video.

Stars: Mistress Pandora

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