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The CBT Prisoner: Scene 2

Video: The CBT Prisoner: Scene 2
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
In this scene taken from the movie "The CBT Prisoner", the slave is placed in standing near suspension for pin mitt play upon his sensitive nipples, a flogging from Mistress Chase, and a whipping from Irene Boss. While Irene savagely whips the slave she gives him an idea of what his alibi should be for having so many marks. Mistress Chase steps in to deliver a good hard spanking. The obnoxious whiny suck tit get's a tandem strapping from the 2 decadent Dominas and begs mercy to no avail, but ignore his safe word in this sacrilege of female domination. Onto the caning of his worthless ass, nipples and balls! Irene hugs him while Mistress Chase canes him.

Stars: Mistress Chase, slave monty, Irene Boss

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