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The Butler Did Them

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Studio: Shadow Lane
A lady doesn't appreciate her butler, until the day he turns her over his knee. Simms gets the idea while watching his mistress spank her saucy little domestic.

Simms does an even better job of disciplining the sassy servant when he catches her riffling through their employer's purse. Simms' indignation is fueled both by the maid's larceny and the fact that his last paycheck bounced. If there's anything in Mistress' purse, it should go to him. Beguiled by Jazmine's charms, Simms decides to take her. On his command, the maid serves the butler with exemplary head and allows him to penetrate her girlish sex with his manly steel. The mistress of the house returns to catch them in the act. Unfazed, Simms pulls her across his lap and spanks her for non-payment of wages. Jazmine is easily convinced to join Simms in spanking their haughty Mistress. Naturally, after all this spanking, Mistress becomes aroused. A lively, 3-way ensues, culminating in the time honored splash, across Jazmine's luscious bosom.

Stars: Angella Faith, Jazmine Leih, Butch Simms

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