Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


The Body Shop

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Christina Carter and Cecil B

Approximate Running Time: 58.30 minutes


 Christina Carter had left her car for repairs at Cecil B’s Body Shop.

She comes back and is complaining about various things that are still not working. Cecil denies having even touched any of the things she is referring to.


She is in full flow

Her whining gets to him – until he can take no more. After pointing out that she hasn’t paid him yet, he takes action.

She finds herself leaning over the counter having her bottom soundly spanked.

Getting undressed

Squealing and squirming about it takes him all his time to hold her in position.

When he starts spanking her she is fully dressed, except for her oversize breasts that are tumbling out of her bra, then bit by bit her clothing comes off and he ends up spanking her in the altogether.

He puts her over his knee

He keeps changing her position and the implements he uses on her.

Eventually, when he believes she’s had enough, he tells her to wait for five minutes then get dressed and leave.

However, she lingers a little bit too long and Cecil comes back with his mechanic.

Thinking she has found an ally, she tells Cecil’s employee about him spanking her. But to her surprise and horror, he ties her up and gags her – helpless and truly at the mercy of the two men, they subject her to a spanking, using their hands, belts and paddles.

She is bound and gagged

When her cries of pain turn to moans of pleasure, Cecil finger fucks her.

Finally, still trussed up, she is put into the boot of the car and the lid is closed.


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