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The Adventures Of Evil Dia

Video: The Adventures Of Evil Dia
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Studio: Severe Society Films
AVN Award Nominee 2012 -- Best BDSM Release. Porn star Dia Zerva seems like such a nice girl – but here, she shows us what a scary, evil bitch she can really be! Nefarious Dr. Dia Zerva has lured Sgt. Tommy Toscano to an abandoned warehouse, where he thinks he will her, putting an end to her evil deeds. But the sergeant is no match for the doctor, and soon she has him scissored between her legs, disarmed and at her mercy! She tortures him with her heels and makes him worship her feet before putting a bag over his head and leading him to a cage. There she uses a stun pen as motivation to get him stripped down before inflicting more torture with her powerful feet and legs!

Dr. Dia has Tommy stripped down and at her mercy in a cage in the abandoned warehouse. After stuffing her foot in his mouth, she gives him a few good body kicks and then leads him out of the cage. She secures him to the side of the cage and begins to flog him, making him suck his thumb for added humiliation! After warming him up with the flogger, she switched to a single tail and then a paddle for some heavier punishment. Finally Dr. Dia goes for the most sadistic implements of all, her hands, turning Tommy’s ass a bright shade of crimson!

Sgt. Tommy Toscano is still chained to the cage in the warehouse as the sadistic Dr. Dia Zerva continues to torture him! A hard cropping of his shoulders is followed by some quick strokes on his ass, before the evil starts working on the front of him. Soon she is alternating belly kicks and crop strokes on his legs and ass. When that isn’t enough, she breaks out the nightstick, determined to see what kind of a beating Tommy can take!

Sgt. Tommy is no longer chained to the cage, but evil Dia has taped him to a column in the warehouse. Showing her whimsical side, she used purple tape, but it’s not all fun and games, as she continues the torture by applying wooden clothes pins to almost every bit of exposed flesh (including his finger tips, ears and eyebrows, OUCH!) Adding to the agony, she has affixed electrical pads to his thighs. As she turns up the power, his legs begin to quiver. Now what is she going to do with that cane?

Dia Zerva has Tommy taped to a column in the warehouse with clothes pins all over his face. As Sgt. Toscano is about to learn, the only thing worse than putting clothes pins on is taking them off! He thinks he’s going to get some relief when she begins teasing his cock with her feet, but pleasure soon turns to pain as she pounds on his thighs with her heels. And did we mention the cane and the stun?

Evil Dr. Dia specializes in the creative torture. She’s got poor Sgt. Toscano’s cock in a very precarious position- below the arm of a giant rat trap. Is she really going to release the arm, or is the psychological torture enough for her. Then it’s on to the “helicopter”. This helicopter isn’t going to rescue our sergeant, just bring him more pain! Finally the doctor decides that that she will untie Tommy, but is this a show of mercy, or is it just to make it easier to torture him in another way?

Dia Zerva has finished interrogating her prisoner, Tommy Toscano, now it’s time for her to have some fun! With him bound on his back, she begins probing his tight butthole with a well-lubed finger, threatening to milk his prostate and make him eat his cum. But she’s only kidding. Now that 9” dildo strapped to her waist, that’s no joke, as Tommy discovers when she has it balls-deep in his ass!

Dia has her prisoner in a very exposed position, with his legs up and his ass out, defenseless against an assault from her 9” strap-on. After a good solid pounding, Tommy is ready to agree to anything Dr. Dia asks. She flips him over to take him from behind, his face buried in humiliation. He is so broken that when she orders him to “fuck my cock”, she just has to stand there and he does all the work, grinding his ass on her plastic penis. Finally she’s had enough, and with a slap on the ass, she leaves him, totally spent.

Stars: Dia Zerva, Tommy Toscano

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