Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Tears for Red Rears


Eleanor Powell


Approximate Running Time: 29.56 minutes

She’s lying on the sofa filing her nails, when he comes in.

She cowrs

She’s a tall slim brunette.

He has a cane in his hand and threatens her with it. She pulls away from him.

Over his knee

However, he is going to punish her. So he pulls her over his knee for a hand spanking.

The cane leaves its mark

There are several changes of position, with him using the cane a great deal.

It doesn’t take long for her bottom to become red, bruised and very tender.

Eventually, the tears flow freely down her cheeks. Her mascara mingles with the tears making black rivulets meander down her face.

She ends up in tears

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