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Tara’s Been Overspending

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Studio: Bottom Line
Tara has been taking advantage of James' credit cards and he has left her in handcuffs doing the housework. On his return, she pleads with him to remove the handcuffs, which have caused her to scratch the table. This revelation provokes James to commence a sound over-the-knee spanking with Tara still complaining about the handcuffs.

Eventually James removes the cuffs and sends Tara to fetch the rope with which he proceeds to tie her wrists. The spanking then continues with knickers down until James decides that she should spend some time at the beam upstairs.

Tara is then told to remove her clothes; this reveals a new corset that James has not seen before and evidence of more overspending. She is then re-cuffed and left chained to the beam. James finally returns carrying a tawse, with which he continues to administer further punishment to Tara who is still chained to the beam. At the end of this, Tara is released and told that she is to be caned; frightened at this thought she runs to the bedroom and throws herself on the bed. This action prompts James to introduce a strapping with her lying face down.

Tara is then sent downstairs to make tea and fetch the cane. Upon appearing with tea and cane she observes a new punishment bench in the lounge, which alarms her so much that she drops the tea on the carpet. This results in James securing her legs and wrists to the new bench in a position well suited to the caning which follows. When James finally releases her, she is made to touch her toes before being subjected to a final caning session.

Stars: Tara, James

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