Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Take These Off

Studio: Red Stripes

Approximate Running Time: 41.50 minutes

Susan comes home from a shopping trip, loaded with bags and obviously feeling happy with her retail therapy.

Unfortunately, her husband doesn’t share her enthusiasm. He’s been sitting confronted with various bills, one of which is their credit card statement.

He tries to reason with her, telling her that at the rate she is spending their money, they are heading for disaster – but she stubbornly insists that she needs new clothes, as she knows he likes her to look good.

He tries to reason with her

It doesn’t take him long to realise that she’s not listening to him, so, he phones a friend of his, who runs an establishment where young ladies are taught to respond to discipline.

A couple of days later, Susan introduces herself to her husband’s friend. She is very haughty and arrogant and he has to remind her several times to call him sir.

The first thing she has to do is take off her normal clothes and put on a school uniform. She obeys the headmaster, but reluctantly.

She has to remove her clothing

She is still insisting that she should not be in that establishment, and won’t admit that she has done anything wrong.

The headmaster calls one of the senior girls to look after Susan. Telling her to discipline Susan by spanking her.

The Prefect Spanks Her

The two girls are left alone.

Now, Susan has met her match. Her mentor, who is her prefect, is going to show this arrogant young lady who is the boss.

She starts off by spanking Susan, over her knee. Then she goes on to using a paddle, followed by the cane.

On the headmaster’s return, he finds Susan with a very sore bottom, cane lines making welts across the reddened cheeks.

The Headmaster Spanks the Prefect

The prefect has gone too far, she was only meant to spank Susan with her hand – not use implements.

Therefore, while Susan watches, he spanks the prefect, then paddles and canes her.

The headmaster then has the two girls standing in corners, with their sore red bottoms on display.

He who must be obeyed believes that his method of disciplining his students will be effective. Is he right?

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