Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Suffering Sisters

Studio: Moonglow West

Starring: Lisa Paine and Angie Wood

Approximate Running Time: 51.27 minutes

Sisters Mary and Joan Smith have arrived at the office of Clint Westwood – they are an answer to his prayers.

First an Otk Spanking

He has no clients and therefore no money coming in and here are these two young ladies, almost begging him for some work.

A very sore red bottom

He runs an employment agency – specialising in actors.

So after listening to the two girls; what they can do, what qualifications they have, he then informs them that the kind of work he can find for them involves some corporal punishment.

In position for the strap

At the mention of corporal punishment, the sisters look at each other nervously then silently agree to it and tell Clint they are interested.

Wasting no time, he tells them he’s going to have to spank them in order to see if they can take it.

He takes one of the girls over his knee and gives her a hard hand spanking. Then it’s the other sister’s turn.

Putting each girl through a series of different positions and using different implements – he proceeds to give each of them a very sore bottom.

Lying face down over the table

The test he’s putting them through is in different stages. They each have to pass one stage to be able to go through to the next part.

Once they have passed all the stages, he tells them he’ll put them on his books and as soon as a job becomes available he’ll let them know.

Can she take the cane?

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