Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



Studio: Mood Castings

Starring: Betty, Sue

Approximate Running Time: 10.22 minutes

Sue is desperately in need of some money – so that she can go on holiday with her boyfriend.

She is caught red handed

Looking around on various websites, she sees that Mood Castings are auditioning for young ladies who can take a severe punishment. So she phones for an interview.

Betty explains to her what she is supposed to do to show if she can act. She is caught red handed, stealing from her employer.

she tries again

At her first attempt she makes a mess of it and is instructed to try again, which is much better.

the cane strokes are visible

Betty is disgusted that a member of her staff could stoop so low as to steal from her and she tells Sue to undress completely and lean over the back of the couch.

she can't keep still

Betty canes her; the stinging rod leaves angry red marks across both her cheeks. She comes out of position and is warned that the cane may land on parts of her anatomy that it shouldn’t. But poor Sue, finds the punishment difficult to take.

So, in the end the interview is brought to a close.

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