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Sub-Standard Cocksucker 2

Video: Sub-Standard Cocksucker 2
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
Welcome to the continuing humiliating exploits of Cinderfella, the man who knows no boundaries. The Ladies begin the scene in their street clothes. Ms. Boss in a suit, Mistress Chase in jeans, and Mistress Gemini in Capri yoga pants. The straight jacketed slut is standing in the middle of the room and the 3 Ladies are decked out in gorgeous rubber and leather fetish attire with heels, stockings and boots. He strips down for his session with the Ladies, and they are extremely verbal throughout. Ms. Boss lays the insults on thick. The bitch is sissified and his atrocious cross dressing skills are crossly examined. Cinderfella is humiliated, bound and manipulated by the Ladies. The previous year the cocksucker’s skills were detestable, and this year they are simply horrible! But the Ladies will see to it that his skills improve!

Stars: Mistress Chase, Mistress Jeannine (TVTS), Irene Boss, Mistress Gemini, Cinderfella

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