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Spoilt Sara is Spanked and Shamed – Part Two


Eleanor Powell

The story so far ……

Sara’s parents are fed up with their daughter who is nineteen and has never had a job. When her father talks to her about it she behaves very badly.

Now her father has made up his mind to do something about her attitude – but what is he going to do?

Now read on ……

Catching hold of her left wrist in his big hand, he pulled her up from the chair she was sitting on, turning the chair round, so that it faced the room, he sat down on it and pulled her over his knee.

‘Let me go, I’m too old to be treated like this,’ she protested, struggling to escape from his grip.

At that moment, there was the sound of the doorbell chiming. She froze in horror.

‘Good, that’s probably Mike, Sylvia please let him in.’

‘No daddy, no, please don’t let him see me like this.’

‘Shut up,’ he said, pulling her knickers down to mid thigh.

His big hand landed on her right cheek, quickly followed by a slap to her left cheek – she cried out in pain.

Mike burst into the room. ‘What’s the matter, is Sara ill or in pain?

The sight that greeted him was his girl friend of a year, lying face down over her father’s knee, her knickers at mid thigh and her bottom getting redder each time her father’s big hand made contact with it.

‘Hello Mike,’ Sara’s father greeted him. ‘I think it’s true to say that our daughter is in pain.’

‘Go away Mike,’ she said. ‘I’m so embarrassed that you should see me like this.’

‘No way, I’m going nowhere.’

‘Owww!’ she squealed loudly as her father carried on relentlessly spanking her. ‘Daddy please, you’re hurting me.’

‘I should hope I am, you’ve had this coming for a long time.’

Sara was kicking her legs, all thoughts of modesty forgotten. ‘Mike, if you love me, make him stop,’

‘No my darling, because I love you, I fully agree with your father.’

‘Oh piss off,’ she said.

Mike laughed. ‘You’re lucky it’s your father spanking you.’

‘What do you mean?’ she renewed her efforts to escape.

‘I’ve noticed what a little brat you have been, especially the past few months.’

‘Oh, Mike how can you be so cruel?’ she wailed.

‘It was just a matter of time, before you’d have been lying over my knee,’ he went on to explain. ‘Except I’d have taken my belt to you.’

‘Good man,’ her father applauded him. ‘My hand is getting a little sore, how would you like to carry on Mike?’

‘Thank you Sir, it will be a pleasure.’

Poor Sara, found herself being lifted off her father’s lap and unceremoniously flung over Mike’s knee.

He didn’t hold back any, his spanks on her already very sore bottom, had the full force of his right arm behind them.

‘This my darling Sara is to let you know what to expect in future, if you should decide to be Super Brat again.’

By this time, her bottom was smarting and throbbing with the pain.

She lay limp over Mike’s knee, all the fight had gone out of her and she was so busy bawling her head off she didn’t notice that Mike had stopped spanking her and was gently stroking her red hot bottom instead. Also, both her parents had left the room.

Pushing her off his knee, he told her to go and get into bed and he’d come up and tuck her in.

Meekly, she moved across the room – wincing with each step she took.

However, at the door, she looked back at him, a cheeky grin on her face and she stuck her tongue out at him.

‘You’re asking for it girl,’ and he chased her up the stairs.

Is her ordeal over?

To be continued ……









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