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Spoilt Sara is Spanked and Shamed – Part One


Eleanor Powell

‘Go and get a proper job.’

Sara opened her mouth to protest, but closed it again quickly at her father’s next words.

‘Your mother and I have had enough of keeping you. Forget this stupid idea of being a model,’ he said.

‘But dad, I’ve got this audition on Thursday and … ‘

‘Of course, you’ve always got an audition, he interrupted, ‘but here you are at nineteen and still not earning anything.’

‘Awww! Daddy, I’m sowwy,’ she said in her little girl voice, that usually worked and made him putty in her hands.

However, this tall, broad shouldered man with hands like a navvy, was obviously not the man she had always known as her father.

‘Your mum and I have discussed it, you have until the end of the month to find a job,’ he said sternly.

Sticking out her lower lip, she flounced out of the room – in a major sulk.

At supper that evening, she was still annoyed with her father and carried on ignoring him.

‘Sara, would you please pass the salt,’ her father repeated for the third time.

Pushing back her chair, she would have flounced out of the room again, but something in his voice stopped her in her tracks.

‘And another thing young lady,’ he was red in the face. ‘I’ve had enough of your sulks and tantrums when you can’t get your own way.’ He stood up, towering over her. ‘What you need is some discipline.’

At the sound of his words, her heart missed a beat.

‘Now you’re beginning to sound like a Victorian father,’ she pushed out her bottom lip again and turned away from him.

‘Sit down my girl, I haven’t finished with you yet,’ he shouted.

‘Harry dear, calm down, remember your blood pressure.’

‘No Sylvia, this daughter of ours has been mollycoddled for too long, it’s now time she learned the world doesn’t revolve around her.’

Sara tried to stand up, but her father’s hand on her shoulder made her sit down again.

‘You will stay there, until I’ve finished talking to you.’

‘Come on dad, I’m not a child any more,’ she protested.

‘You’re right,’ he agreed, ‘that’s why it’s time you stopped acting like one.’

She shrugged his hand off her shoulder and tried again to stand up, but he once again pushed her down into her chair.

‘Let me go,’ she said, ’I’ve got to get ready, Mike will be here any minute.’

He handed her her mobile. ‘Phone him; tell him you can’t see him tonight.’

‘Really father, you can’t tell me who I can and can’t see.’

‘That’s where you’re wrong my girl,’ he said. ‘While you’re living under my roof, eating the food I’ve paid for, I reckon you owe me some respect.’

‘So what you going to do then, send me to my room?’ she laughed.

‘That’s exactly what I’m going to do Sara – but only after I’ve dealt with you.’

‘What are you going to do?’ the cheekiness had suddenly deserted her.

‘Something I should have done years ago, instead of letting you become the spoiled brat that you are now.’

What is he going to do?

To be continued ……


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