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What We Really Love About Spanking

I had a request from a customer to blog on this subject and then during a session recently, the gentleman I was spanking began to enthuse about how even the sound of spanking is exciting to him. So, what is it that we REALLY love about spanking…besides the fact that it turns us on and we like to be turned on. Heehee!

Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanking Tara Lynn Foxx 1

Is it the control of the dominant person? Is it the feeling of relenting, or submission, for the person being spanked? Is it the control over one of one’s most private of parts (our bottom, of course) that turns us on? Do we like to believe that we, or the person we’re spanking, is naughty Or, do we just like that spanking in and of itself feels, somehow, naughty?

There are so many aspects to consider along the way, as well. Do we like it when we remove a spankee’s clothing, or conversely, does a spankee enjoy that moment when their pants and/or panties are removed? Do we like the feeling of being held securely upon the lap of our spanker? Do we like the comfort of absolution after the spanking is complete?

Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanking Tara Lynn Foxx 2

Do we like the accompanying scolding, as in during a role play? Do we like the accompanying paraphernalia, i.e., paddles, hairbrushes and the like?

Or, as my gentleman client suggested, is just the sound of it enough to rock our worlds?

There! Have I finally asked enough questions to get some comments, here? Hehehe…

Come on people. Pipe in about what YOU love the most about spanking and then we’ll really have something to blog about!

Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanking Tara Lynn Foxx 3

I’d say I like, as both a spanker and a spankee, the moment when it becomes more thrilling than painful. When the pain dissolves into something else and both parties are out there on the leading edge, playing off each other as to how far it can really go. That moment absolutely crackles with erotic energy! It’s the moment the spanking has gone to our heads. And, everyone knows the brain is the largest erotic organ. Makes me dizzy just writing about it. Whew!

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