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Speaking of Spanking – Behind the Scenes

Spanking Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what it’s like on the set on the day of a spanking shoot? Well, I hope so ‘cause I’m gonna spill – like it or not!

If I’m ready on time, they’re late. I’m sitting around watching the clock and organizing and re-organizing everything, trying to keep my cool. I hate to be flustered when we start.

If I’m running late, they’re on time, or early. This usually leads to them ringing the doorbell over and over until I come running down the stairs to let them in, half dressed (hopefully in a robe, although not always). I seriously don’t like too early of an arrival. That might win a girl an extra hard spanking if she didn’t warn me first. Or worse, she warned me she’d be coming early and then showed up even earlier. I mean, really! Who is THAT anxious to be spanked!!

Once they’re here and we’re all ready, we get releases and photo IDs taken care of first. At least, I like to remember to take care of that stuff first. It’s only happened to me once…a long time ago, but it sucks if you get through a shoot and suddenly the model is reluctant to sign the release and stuff. Of course, if they don’t they won’t get paid, but still, my time and energy has been wasted. Not fair! Don’t worry. It only happened once.

I have some clips of some pre-scene prep that I’d like to share. The first is with Lena Ramone as we discuss the upcoming plot. The second is a little interview with Amelia-Jane Rutherford, right before we began shooting and the third is with Ashley Fires as we put some of my stuffed animals to use (yes, I have stuffed animals and I’m not afraid to admit it). And the fourth is with Chloe Elise as she chooses implements for her Chelsea Spanks reality spanking session. I hope you enjoy!

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