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Studio: California Star Productions
A well to do businessman lives in splendid comfort in his country mansion together with his beautiful wife and spoiled 18-year-old daughter. The daughter's time is spent mainly with her horses aided by the Italian au pair. The spoiled brat takes her frustrations and anger out on the Italian girl by hosing her down with cold water throwing her down in the hay and giving her a severe spanking. However the au pair retaliates and after a fierce struggle gives her young mistress an equally severe spanking.
Having received her comeuppance the daughter rushes to father complaining that the Au pair has beaten her up whereupon he hastens to the tack room where with heavy hand and riding crop he severely chastises the girl. The wayward girl stays out late clubbing without permission but as she creeps into the house her father grabs her and spanks her until her young bottom glows.
Both husband's and wife's secret fantasies are revealed in this strikingly produced video.

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