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Spanking Videos – Wrong Dress Code

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Elin & Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 14.21 minutes

It’s Elin’s turn to be inspected by Headmaster Tom.

First he checks her finger nails and tells her to cut them. Then her hair is to be washed every two days instead of every three.

Spanking Videos - The inspection starts

Her shoes are badly worn and as it’s three years since she had new ones, he makes a note that she is to receive a new pair. When he checks her knee length white socks – especially the soles, he tells her to wash them more often.

Spanking Blog - She opens her blouse

He asks her to open her blouse so he can see her bra, she goes all coy and shy, but he menacingly looks at her and she does as he has asked. Her bra is definitely not school wear, so he tells her to wear her regulation school bra in future.

Spanking Videos - She raises her skirt

Inevitably, he tells her to raise her skirt so he can see her knickers. But as she raises her skirt higher and higher – no knickers come into view. When he asks her for an explanation, she tells him she forgot to put them on.

He suggests that maybe she wanted him to spank her and by not wearing her knickers, she made the job so much easier for him. She protests that this is not true.

Spanking Blog - He spanks her

However, whether she wants the spanking or not, she gets one, first with his hand, then with the thin cane, followed by the thick one. By the time he has finished, he poor bottom is a mass of stripes and bruises.

Spanking Videos - the end of the spanking

He leaves her kneeling on the chair – hands on her head, chanting that she must wear her knickers in future or she will receive an even more serious spanking punishment.

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