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Spanking Videos – Work Place Discipline

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Jessica Rose and Cecil B

Approximate Running Time: 26.15 minutes

Sharon is alone in the office – so is busy chatting on the phone to her boyfriend.

However, her boss Mr Jones has arrived back after being absent from the office for a few days. He realizes almost immediately that things are not as they should be …… the phone is shrilling out persistently while Sharon is irritated by it and switching it off, goes back to chatting to her boyfriend.

Spanking Videos - She agrees to being spanked

Oh dear! She’s in big trouble. Mr Jones has just come off the phone. While he was away, leaving his secretary to keep things running smoothly in the office – Sharon received an order to the value of $30 000 from a customer. But as the order came in at a crucial part of the chat she was having with her boyfriend – she forgot to pass on the order to Mr Jones.

Mr Jones is livid, after all what business can afford to lose an order for $30 000? So he gives her an ultimatum – dismissal or corporal punishment? She comes to an immediate decision, as she needs the money, she’ll take the spanking.

Spanking Videos - The spanking progresses

He starts off by putting her over his knee for a hand spanking on top of her jeans.

As he gets into the spanking, he also tells her how she has cost him a further $300 due to confusing two other orders and sending them to the wrong addresses. Therefore, it cost Mr Jones $300 to pay the freight charges to sort out the muddle.

He is a disciplinarian and believes humiliation is an essential part of the spanking session. So he has her remove her clothing – article by article. The first thing to come off is her top. Her very large breasts are falling out of the cups of her rather scanty bra.
Next to come off are her jeans.

She is now lying over his knee – wearing just her bra and matching knickers. As her knickers consist of triangles of material at the front and back; her by now ever reddening bottom is in full view.

Spanking Videos - The hairbrush really stings

Laid out within easy reach is an assortment of implements that he rotates through while giving his errant secretary the spanking she so richly deserves.

However, as a grand finale and a further humiliation – he has her take off her knickers all together.

Putting her into the diaper position, he has her count out twenty strokes of the paddle on her very sore bottom.

Spanking Videos - In the diaper position

Punishment over, they hug and he tells her to redress and get on with her work. Not without a final warning – her punishment if there is a next time? Will be much worse.

As an additional treat for the viewer – there are a few trailers of other movies from Ohh Tee

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