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Spanking Videos – Spank Thy Neighbor

Starring: Erica Scott and Ralph Marvell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Running Time: 55.14 minutes

I loved every minute of this movie. As far as I’m concerned it had everything a good spanking movie should have.

It all starts with a new neighbor moving into a flat above Erica’s. Her idea of bliss was to have her punk music blasting out at full volume – so that the flimsy built block of flats vibrated.

Ralph knocks on her door and introduces himself. He is very reasonable and politely asks her to turn down the volume. She just as reasonably points out that she only plays her music between the hours of 10.00 am and 10.00 pm.

However, he tells her he works nights, so has to sleep during the day.

But by now her being reasonable with him has evaporated. She is adamant that she will continue to play her music as and when she wants to and at the volume she enjoys the most.

Some banter between them ends up as stalemate.

Spanking Videos - She finds herself over his knee

It soon becomes obvious to him that he’s getting nowhere with her – so he decides to take action right there and then.

Much to her indignation and surprise, she finds herself lying face down over his knee. He starts to spank her. She struggles; she kicks her legs and tells him she hates him.

But he’s determined to change her attitude and ignores her abusive language.

Spanking Videos - The spanking continues on her bare bottom

After spanking her on top of her skirt, he pulls it up to reveal her reddened bottom, covered by a pair of panties; that have already ridden up into the crease in her bottom.

He is forced to proceed with the spanking as she stubbornly refuses to give in to turning down the volume. So, her panties are pulled to her knees, so he’s able to concentrate on her bare bottom.

Eventually with a very sore red bottom she gives in and agrees to be more considerate when listening to her music.

He leaves after telling her she knows what to expect in future if his sleep is disturbed again.

She cranks up the Boombox and waits for him. She doesn’t have long to wait. She coolly offers him some wine. But, he’s not there on a social visit, although she has a good attempt at flirting with him. She has gone to some trouble to make herself look sexy and seductive. Being a red blooded man he doesn’t fail to notice this, but focuses on spanking some consideration into her.

He uses his hand, a hairbrush and his belt, before she gives in. He asks her why she played the music loud again, knowing that he would carry out his threat to spank her again. Finally, she admits that she enjoys being spanked.

Spanking Videos - She still wants and needs more spanking

He’s already twigged that but just needs some proof. So he puts her over his knee again and gives her a few more spanks. Then nudging her legs apart, he puts his finger into her pussy and finding it sopping wet, he plays with her clit until she’s climaxed.

A very enjoyable spanking movie – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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