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Spanking Videos – Silence!

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Keagan and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 14.20 minutes

Keagan is innocently sat reading, curled up on the couch – unaware of what is about to happen to her.

Spanking Videos - She's Innocently reading

Headmaster Tom is trying desperately to calm down someone on the other end of the phone. He promises the caller that he will deal with the problem immediately.

He is furious and explains to Keagan how embarrassed he is – that was the sixth phone call in the past week, complaining about the sound of shouting and screaming 24/7. One of the callers asked if there was a young child in the house of maybe six years old.

Spanking Videos - On top of her jeans

He goes on to remind Keagan of how they have neighbours on all sides of the apartment block and how sound carries. If there are any more complaints, they may lose their tenancy, then where will they go?

So in order to teach her a lesson, he is going to give her a punishment; throughout which, she must remain absolutely silent.

Telling her to bend over the table and hold onto it on the far side – he goes off to fetch the big leather paddle.

As the paddle makes contact with her jeans covered bottom, she remains silent, but her leg involuntarily kicks out. Half a dozen evenly spaced out strokes later, he tells her to go to her room and lie face down over the bed.

Spanking Videos - More paddling

When he comes into her room, she is obediently ready for the next part of her punishment – which is on top of her blue knickers.

Spanking Videos - The end of the punishment

Over and over again the leather paddle meets its target and her poor bottom can be seen to turn from slightly pink to a deep cherry red.

Finally, he tells her that there is to be no more screaming and shouting and she nods her agreement.

He phones their neighbour and assures him that the young lady has been dealt with and from now on there will be silence!

Spanking Videos - On her bare bottom

He then leaves her lying face down on her bed. She rubs gently at her very sore red bottom – trying desperately to rub away the sting.

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