Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Spanking Videos – Secretaries

Studio: Red Stripes

Starring: Miss Taylor, Miss Sullivan and Mr Dent

Approximate Running Time: 42.24 minutes

There is trouble ahead for Miss Taylor and Miss Sullivan. As the two very efficient secretaries of Mr Dent, they have blotted their copy books well and truly.

He had left them to type out a contract for a new and very wealthy client. Unfortunately, due to having had a boozy night out prior to doing the contract – they made a right cock up of it – so losing Mr Dent over a million dollars worth of business.

He is going to have to punish them both. But to make things even worse – Miss Sullivan turned up for work that morning, still wearing the clothes she wore the night before when she went to a sexy night club.

Ordering the girls to report to him at 5.30 pm, in the Conference Room where they won’t be disturbed, he leaves them trembling in fear and trepidation.

At 5.30 on the dot, the girls knock on the door of the Conference Room and hearing Mr Dent shout, ‘Come in,’ they obeyed.

Spanking Videos - Miss Taylor's Turn First

First for punishment was Miss Taylor. She has to drape herself over his knee so he can hand spank her. But when he tries to pull down her knickers, they are so tight he has to tell her to stand up and pull them down herself.

Spanking Videos - Miss Sullivan's turn

She doesn’t take her punishment at all well. What with wriggling about, and putting her hand back in an effort to protect her poor sore bottom – plus constantly protesting her innocence. He’s in no mood for listening to her and tells her several times to stop talking.

Next it’s Miss Sullivan’s turn to go over his knee. With her skirt just about covering her bottom, he has no problem getting to her bare backside.

Spanking Videos - Miss Sullivan in trouble

Spanking Videos - A Paddling for Miss Taylor

After the hand spanking, he goes onto using a paddle on each girl. Followed by a swishy cane, that leaves raised welts on the girls’ sore red bottoms.

All through these various changes of position and implements – Miss Taylor carries on with her tirade of trying to explain what happened. This earns her an additional six strokes of the cane.

Spanking Videos - The Cane Stripes Miss Sullivan's Bottom

Eventually, the two Secretaries have very sore red hot bottoms – with cane marks transversing across the area.

Although they were not going to lose their jobs, they were made to understand that the punishment will be repeated whenever necessary in the future.

If you enjoy seeing two white creamy bottoms turned into two blazing ones, you’ll enjoy this movie.

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