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Spanking Videos – Pig Tail Spanking

Studio: Firm Hand Studios

Running Time Approximately: 30.00 minutes

He comes home to find her lying on her unmade bed. He’s fed up with her slovenly ways and decides that what she needs is a good spanking.

spanking Videos - He puts her over his knee

So he takes her over the knee and using his hand he spanks her first on top of her knickers then tells her to get undressed completely.

She stands there in front of him – shyly trying to hide her young breasts, although his main focus is on her bottom.

He has her bending over the foot of the bed, while he first uses his hand, then his belt – followed by a large leather paddle.

Spanking Videos - The spanking continues

Her poor bottom is very red and sore looking. But he still isn’t convinced that she’s going to be good in future – so he carries on spanking her.

He keeps changing her position and implement, including using the belt on her while she’s in diaper position.

A final twenty strokes of the belt and it’s over.

Spanking Videos - The end of the spanking

He leaves her standing with her hands on her head.

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